minutiae part 1- paper fasteners

IMAG0782Feel free to laugh at me…or with me following the reading of this post.

This pile of paper fasteners (paper clips, binder clips and rubber bands) have been sitting on my desk for over a week – okay, more like 3 weeks. They are the result of the massive paper de-cluttering I have been doing with our old business files.

The shredded paper has gone to recycling along with the boxes.  Dropped off regularly.  Out of the house…out of my life.  Moving on…

But these paper fasteners, along with 3 other zippy bags stuffed full, are still here.  On my desk.  Taking up space.  Falling to the floor.  Kicked all over the place.

Why?  Because I might need them someday?  I’ve had one paper clip in my drawer forever.  I never use it, but keep it just in case.  Why are these decisions so hard for me?  Aargh.

If I ever did find myself in the position to organize hundreds of reams of paper, I could surely get some more for very little money.

What the heck?  They are going today.  Going to the thrift store where someone who does need them can have them.

Going, going, gone!