How great a word is juxtaposition and it actually works well for this post today.

…for today I am caught between two loves.  A juxtaposition of two meaningful aspects of my life.

I awoke this morning from a thought-provoking dream and am having a day filled with inspiration.

A veritable plethora of epiphanies.

Words are coming together in my head in an actual lucid and cohesive manner. Blogs and stories are practically writing themselves.  And some of it is actually pretty damn good (if I do say so myself).  I spent most of the morning driving so my kids are transcribing for me and e-mailing the stuff to me….they actually wrote “stuff” in the subject line.

I’ve also had several visual ideas for new art projects!  Just one of those beautiful, crazily creative days.  Yea!

And – my oldest daughter is moving back in today.  So…

the excitement...
the excitement…
the stuff...
the stuff…
and more stuff...
and more stuff…

Creativity and my family.  I love both.  Sometimes it is a challenge to balance them.  Sometimes it more about one than the other.

Family usually wins – as it should at this time in my life.

Today is a good, full and wonderful day.

As for tomorrow, I predict a very strong urge to de-clutter.

It was brilliant, I tell you.

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  I played solitaire until my IPad battery died and I couldn’t find the charger in my kid’s room without turning on the light and waking her up.  Her floor is a mine-field of little sharp, pointy toys (I call them vacuum cleaner food).

Then I tried to catch up on my supposedly quick daily journal pages.  They aren’t getting down daily because I am sick of trying to create something original with a bird on it.  I’m going to get it done because I committed to doing it publicly, but it’s going to be 30 quick bird journal pages in the month of September…instead of daily.  Just a matter of semantics, right?  Anyway, I was going to do a couple of pages, but spilled an entire mason jar of water-colored water on my journal, desk and self.  All the clean laundry is piled in our bedroom and in the closets and I had trouble finding something to wear without turning on the light and waking up my husband.

Next, I decided to look at blogs on wordpress and found a ton of cool art, most of which I wish I had thought up and created.

At 3 a.m. I decided to try and sleep again.  I lay down and almost instantly had a brilliant idea for a journal post.  By then I was sleepy so I just knew I would remember the post without jotting it down in my idea notebook by my bed.  How could I possibly forget such an amazingly genius idea.

This morning, I’d completely forgotten I even had an idea.  Now, at almost two in the afternoon, I vaguely remember that I had an incredible idea.

But, of course, for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.  No clue.  Not a hint.  As in, completely and utterly vanished.

I do remember that it was awesome.

So…you’ll just have to take my word for it.  It was brilliant, I tell you!


I’ve been feeling rather subdued and introspective today.  Maybe I’m a bit depressed.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell the difference.  The depression sneaks up on me occasionally, but It doesn’t usually visit for long anymore.  In any case, my head is thinking lots of thoughts.  They are all floating and bumping around in there like helium filled balloons.

Starting (and sticking with) this blog has been a wonderful experience thus far.  I’ve begun writing again.

Creative writing was one of my fields of study in college along with art.  Once I graduated, I gave them both up in order to enter the “real world”.  It wasn’t a conscious decision.  One day led to the next and the graduation respite ended up lasting years and years…  I restarted creating art a little over 15 years ago, but it has a struggle for me to comfortably embrace “being an artist”.  The writing began again with the start of this blog.  I’m going to have to live with the idea of being a writer for a while before I’m comfortable with that title as well.

Once again, everyday life experiences will spark an idea for a story and snippets of some of them have ended up here.  Many of those “thought balloons” bouncing around in my head are ideas that I’m playing with – stories that I’m writing and rewriting.  It’s time to get some cheap notebooks and start  jotting them down so my head doesn’t explode! I know the computer is an easier way, but the artist in me likes scribbled, indented and filled pages of drafts and notes.

Thanks to all who have stopped by and shared my rambling journey.  There’s some fascinating people in this world!  Sharing stories and learning that we are not alone in the journey of discovery and growth is a blessing.  Here’s to a day filled with quiet thoughts and sharing.

Matilda the Basset thinking deep thoughts.
Matilda the Basset thinking deep thoughts.