So I’m  stuck in one place today.  The studio.  My goal is to spend more time making art.  Therefore, I need to make the studio a more inviting, functional space.

I’m doing okay on dumping the old projects and supplies that didn’t rock my world.

I’ve sorted out scraps and leftovers from finished projects for my art class.  Art journals are packed away but accessible for future perusing and inspiration.

Art pieces from the past?

Filling up a storage cabinet and numerous plastic tubs and basically piled all over the place.

Some aren’t too bad.  Some are crap.  Some I like, but don’t want to clutter up wall space with.  Some have been claimed by children and others, but are stored here.

What the hell do I do with them?

Part of me thinks that a giant bonfire might be a symbolic and therapeutic way to deal with the crappy ones.  However, my family and I don’t always agree about what’s good and what’s not.

There is time, resources and emotions worked into every piece.  The time and resources, I am at peace with.  The emotions?  That’s another story.

I don’t even know how to work through the stress, tension and anxiety that flows to the surface as I contemplate some of the pieces and what to do with them.

Storing them away to be dealt with sometime in the future seems to be the easy way out.  I don’t know that the “easy” way is the best way.  Maybe it’s just not time to deal with it all.

Maybe I just need to take a deep breath and get rid of it.

Like I said –


I don’t want to be stuck.  I want to move.  I want to move forward and be free.

Anybody want some art?


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