Category: Depression

Letting Go

It’s been so long since I wrote that I had to log back into WordPress which means I had to find my login information which meant rummaging through my desk which is a huge, neglected mess. I’ve spent the better part of late November and December sitting in my chair and ignoring most of my…

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i am alone

i am alone and emotion full with no one to hear my voice no contact and my soul fills with the unspoken a fragile vessel that fails exploding in waves the force pushing away all that is close i am alone

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thankful & grateful

It is the season of gratitude and thanksgiving. So today I will attempt to list ten things that I am grateful for…but with a twist.  Since I am in a creative mood today, I have decided that I will not fill the list with the easy things like family and health and friends. (Not that…

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Live. Create. Tell the Story

  I’ve been asked how hard it is to write and share personal details of my life on this blog… (and the tears start now) To be sure, some of what I have written has been difficult to share. Some of what gets typed never gets published. Sometimes the mouse hovers over the publish “button”…

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Yea!  I’m writing three days in a row. Things must be going better. That’s not the only sign.  Optimism is definitely the word of the day. My laundry room has been tidy and clean for over a week… and I’m able to see and appreciate the tidiness and organization instead of the unfinished plywood covering…

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A “What If-er”

  Mood swings, irritability, frustration, guilt and self-recrimination.  That seems to be my constant lately. Some days I wonder if it’s worth the effort of maintaining any sense of optimism. Some days, hope is hard to come by. And then, something happens that turns things around and lightens the load… On Mondays, I teach a…

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