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Four More

With great effort, I am posting some of these pages without offering apologies for the shortcomings that I so clearly see. I just keep muttering to myself, “Process, not product…” Sigh Sometimes it’s just too hard being me.

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All Shouting at Once

This journal page was done yesterday. And then today, I witnessed yet another disturbing incident on facebook. A friend posted an opinion on another friend’s post. A differing opinion. And she was attacked. Hateful vitriol. There is no other word for it. And she wasn’t wrong.  Her comment had merit. It just wasn’t the “popular”…

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Anxiety Doodle

Yesterday’s journal page – an anxiety doodle done throughout a very stressful day.  As everything worked out well by the end of the day, I cut up the “anxiety” and glued it to a page. The day started out rough. First off, I noticed all the little things that were undone around the house and…

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Be Kind

    Still feeling under the weather, but plodding along anyway. Journal page done and posted.  Yea me! A check we have been waiting on finally came in a few days ago.  I’d done lots of math in anticipation of its arrival in order to make the best use of it. A few things were…

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  Four pages done.  Fifty-three more to go! Productivity is losing momentum around here as a respiratory virus trudges through our family. Not seriously ill, but not feeling 100% either. Yesterday, I sorted through paper in the studio:  going through magazines I’d saved for potential journal pages and possible class use.  I pulled out anything…

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