The best laid plans.

Wednesday.  We’re just going to skip the summary of Tuesday’s accomplishments because – there weren’t any.  Not any that are relevant to the kick-off of a new season of order and organization.  It wasn’t a bad day as days go.  We are all still alive and well.  The house is still standing.  No one starved or went naked.  But…I’m hoping to do a little better than that.  Hence, the grand plan for getting our life together.

I don’t think I’m being unrealistic.  I don’t expect Better Homes & Gardens to show up cameras in hand at the end of the week.  I’m not even planning on putting in a garden!  I know the house isn’t going to be perfect.  I just want to get rid of some stuff we don’t need and organize the rooms somewhat so that we can live with a little less stress.  No more looking for things under stacks of other things and shoving dirty dishes to the side in order to prepare food.  Just a relatively orderly and comfy home.

So I got up this morning ready to get to work.  Oops, forgot that today is the normal day to drive my sister to do the stuff she needs to do.  (Remember, she can’t drive right now) & (Hey sis, if you ever figure out computers and read this, I’m not complaining…).

I get home and am determined not to give up (take a nap).  I can do this.

“Hey Mom, is there supposed to be water all over the laundry room floor?”

Thank God for YouTube and that my oldest daughter decided to come back home for a little more special family time before her semester starts.

Special family time indeed...Caitlin, my oldest playing washer repairman
Special family time indeed…Caitlin, my oldest playing washer repairman

Following the video’s instructions, we disassemble the washer.  The inside of our washer looked nothing like the inside of that brand-new, shiny washer he was working on. There isn’t just one word that can describe what’s inside a well-used washer belonging to a large family in an area with hard water. We’ll just say “icky” and leave it at that.

Now the inside of the washer is as clean as the laundry room is once again.   The washer is reassembled and we don’t have any leftover pieces. Oh, and it’s working!  (fingers crossed).

Progress report:   Donate pile slightly better, but still Monday around here.   photo (9)


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