It’s 2:47 p.m. my time, right here, right now.  I just saw my husband out the door and off to work.  My youngest headed off for a week at the beach with her best friend.  My other three are out doing I’m not sure what.  I am alone.

Infinite possibilities await me.  Well, maybe not infinite.  I’ll have to eliminate anything that costs money or requires a car.

The responsible thing to do would be to knock-out my list of announced tasks.  That’s what I’m going to chat about right now.  I honestly haven’t got much done today as far as getting my act together on the home-front. 

I am reminded of something a friend once said,  “Sometimes the interruptions are the work”.  I need that reminder quite often.  Taking care of the people you love isn’t something you necessarily schedule in on you calendar specifically, but it the most important job I have.  They come first and it’s part of my job to keep that priority a priority…and then figure out how to fit the rest of the peripheral tasks in.

So, honestly, I think I’m done for today.  I’m tired and frustrated.  The house doesn’t look like I’d hoped.  The laundry room is no longer clean; the laundry no longer caught up.  The bathrooms aren’t pristine.  No more organizing or decluttering got done. 

I briefly considered typing in some bull-shit about how wonderful things are, but what’s the point of that. I’m going to stick to honesty around here. In my second, first post I mentioned that I wasn’t sure what this blog would end up being about.  It’s becoming clear that for now, this blog if as much for me as for  anybody out there who might choose to read it.

I set too big a goal and didn’t allow for the “real life” factor.  Life is messy (in more ways than one).  Before I started writing here, I think I would have focused my frustration on myself…how I was a failure as a mom and homemaker.  But reading back on the week, I see that I did the best I could.  Stuff happened and I dealt with it and it took up time.  I haven’t sat around eating bon-bons and watching T.V.  I have been working – just not always on the stuff I’d planned.

Progress did get made.  Two boxes and a bag to donate.  Several bags of trash and recycle on their way out.  Clean clothes ready to wear and a generally peaceful atmosphere around our home. 

I’m going to bless myself and enjoy a bit of grace.  The house is quiet and I am alone.  I’m just going to enjoy the solitude and take a deep breath.   This is kind of a breakthrough for me.  I tend to be pretty hard on myself (or so my hubby has been saying for 30 something years).  With a clearer head I’ll work on a more realistic plan to reach my goal of a more organized and peaceful home. 

After all, the work will never be actually completed.  We’ll keep eating and creating dirty dishes and hopefully everyone will keep wearing clothes that will need to be washed.  I need to focus on a maintenance schedule….hmmmmmmmm.

Gotta love those times when you learn something new about yourself and about life in general…learn something new every day!



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