I screwed up.


How often do I say “I screwed up” or some variation:  I blew it, I can’t do anything right, What’s wrong with me…

More times than I care to count today.

I have a plan.  I want to become a more positive person and be kinder to myself.  I can’t figure out how to be perfect and never make another mistake (obviously).

I’m gonna form an organization.  Unorganized, of course.  No membership application or dues.  Everyone is welcome and we’ll never have a meeting.

I’m calling it C.O.G.  It stands for Creating Opportunities for Growth.  Many times when something I do goes wrong, it’s because I didn’t know what I was doing.  I didn’t have the information I needed to get it right.  I’ve rarely made a mistake I didn’t learn from.  C.O.G. puts a positive spin on things.

It doesn’t change the fact that things didn’t turn out right, but it does factor in a positive element. What I did was create an opportunity for change – for improvement – for growth.



Family blessing shrine, 2014 (wood, paper, assorted embellishments)
Family blessing shrine, 2014 (wood, paper, assorted embellishments)


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Visual artist playing with collage, assemblage and whatever else I imagine. Homemaker and homeschooling Mom of four children aged 10 to 24. Ready to fully embrace life and leave regret and fear behind. Each new day is an opportunity to love, create and live with intention...

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