One of Those Days?

My dryer is making a really strange sound…a thumpa, thumpa, clank sound.  Almost like there’s a shoe in it, but there’s not.  I’m going to pretend like it isn’t making any sound at all.

I tried to balance my finances today.  I use an online program called YNAB (You Need a Budget).  I really like it (as much as I can like anything that has to do with numbers).  It reconciled yesterday.  There are two new transactions to deal with today.  I entered the transactions.  I can’t find any mistakes.  The numbers aren’t working.  It won’t reconcile.  Really?  I know I’m not good at math, but REALLY?  I’m going to pretend like it all worked out.  There’s enough money to cover the weird difference and that’s good enough.

I wasn’t supposed to go out of the house and work today.  I was excited about having an uninterrupted day at home to get things together.  Now, I have to go work.  I’m going to pretend like the plan was always to go out and work, and that my plans didn’t get changed.  I didn’t lose the time to get caught up because I never had it in the first place.

It seems like it’s going to be one of “those” days.

I’ve also gotten caught up in the “world” this week and seem to have lost my balance  (in a matter of speaking).  I’ve gotten way more involved and political then I like and have let events interfere with the things that bring me joy and peace.  Sort of like a giant step backwards.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in standing up for what I believe in and that I should be involved in the world – I just can’t let it overwhelm me.  I tend to want to “fix” things and don’t always maintain a realistic view of what I can (or should) do.

So, I’m going to take a break from reality (the news) for a while and pretend like nothing much is happening.  The big ole’ world out there should keep spinning without me well enough.

I’m going to refocus on my little spot on the planet – my home, my family, my friends…and myself.


One thought on “One of Those Days?

  1. I definitely need to do that sometimes, Kelly. Just taking a break from the media and focusing on my little corner of the planet for a while is refreshing when I am overwhelmed. I find that when I do take a sabbatical from the bigger picture, I am better able to fight another day, without the bitterness and burnout that the world and the busyness of life can bring. Enjoy your break from reality, friend! 🙂

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