Short and Bittersweet

Today’s post will be short, I think.  All the storage spots in our house have been emptied as we remove cabinets and re-imagine our home to be.  My studio/2nd living area has been the dumping ground up until this point.  I really want to get back to work on some creative projects so today I am plunging into the fray.

I am trying the “pick it up and make a decision plan” in dealing with a lot of memorabilia and stuff that’s just been put away until a decision could be made – basically this stuff is procrastination central.

The pile includes things like my Mom’s Bible (she passed away years ago) and my kid’s artwork.  Boxes and stacks of stuff with significant memories (good & bad) attached.  I read somewhere last week that we hold onto stuff because of an inability to let go of the past or a fear of the future.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that!

So, I’ve already lost it once and started yelling at anybody who got near me.  I’m really frustrated at the amount of stuff there is to make decisions on and my seeming inability to make progress once and for all.  This decluttering business truly is like peeling an onion.  You can’t just cut into it and find the most important stuff.  At least, I can’t.  There’s a lot of emotional involvement for me and I can only deal with so much at a time.

This process of becoming a stronger person living a more intentional life is hard work.  Right now, I’m thinking that it would be easier to just forget the whole mess and shove it back into storage.

What “normal” person cries when decluttering?

Who else struggles this much with stuff?

Will I ever get finished?

Still, I have the dream plan and we truly are making progress.

I know that most of the time.  Sometimes I forget.

One thing at a time.  A decision made.  Two boxes reduced to one box neatly labeled with it’s contents.

Another bag of trash.

Another box to the thrift store.

Dreams are easy.

Implementing plans to make the dream a reality – not so easy.


2 thoughts on “Short and Bittersweet

  1. Have an “it makes me cry to let this go” box. There’s nothing wrong with emotional attachment. If having a few boxes in the garage to go through later makes things easier for you now, then do it. Perfection isn’t necessary, for your emotions or for your storage. {{{hug}}}

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